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The programme is designed holistically taking into account the child’s health, nutrition, education, culture, recreational activities and other factors within the context of the family and community.  In order for the programmes to be implemented appropriately the staff are trained around various aspects relating to child development, play, language hearing and sensory activities.  We strongly believe that all children should interact with one another from an early age and having children of different talents, abilities, and ages working together are a rich source of learning through responsive flexible programmes.

This Educare programme is a springboard for further development and growth.  We are proud to have a child attending Grade 4 in mainstream school and 2 children at Special School.  This is the rewarding pay off in investing in children with disabilities.



Lack of knowledge of Early Identification and intervention prevents children from being identified timeously for intervention.  This lack of identification can compound the child’s need over a period of time and later manifest in behavioral difficulties.  Therefore we believe that early identification and intervention is particularly important.  Our intervention programmes at the Arena Park and  Bayview  Clinic is to ensure:

  • That Children’s special needs are identified early
  • Parents are informed of the findings
  • Referrals are made through the Clinic to other State Departments
  • Parents are empowered to work with their children
  • Disseminate materials relevant to the development of all children
  • On-going support is monitored and re-assessments are conducted


In any classroom or learning environment children have different characteristics, learning abilities, preferences, different backgrounds, and culture.  It is therefore important for Educators to offer children a wide range of learning experiences to meet their different learning needs.  Schools now need to become accessible learning environments and Educators need to learn and develop good teaching strategies for children in their class.  Every Educator needs to be equipped with the tools to enable each of the learners in their class to experience the best possible education that they can. To this end we provide Educator training to other networking partners. We have also conducted Workshops at five schools with learners about Inclusive Education.



All children have a right to Education, but despite this constitutional right many children are denied access and they are not accepted in Mainstream schools.  In fact, there are relatively few integrated learning environments where all children can learn together without bias.  Very few schools include learners with disabilities.  However, through one  of  the schools  close to Cheshire Home  Fairhaven Primary  we engaged  in discussions with the  Principal  about accepting  his very first learner  with disability and  this exercise proved to be very fruitful and  Khethela was accepted into Grade R.  This transition was excellent as Khethela settled very well into his new environment and is now in Grade 7.  This progression is clearly indicative that we need to be advocates and lobbyists for change and that changes can happen provided we share the dream, passion and vision.


As an NGO working in the field of disability and ECD it has been our goal to expand our services to the community particularly in the most disadvantaged informal settlement where children live in overcrowded households and do not receive proper education, health care facilities, water and sanitation, food and nutrition.  Through our programme we have:

  • Established a Grade R programme
  • Provided nutritious  meals for the children
  • Provided children with a range of educational resources
  • Mobilised mothers by improving their capacity to care for their children
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Structured training programmes are being run for learners from secondary schools and youth from religious organisations whereby the focus is on understanding children and developing strategies to interface with them, and more especially to continue to mobilise their support.



We will continue to provide residential accommodation with full time support as our prime service to people with disabilities.  Our current outreach programmes to satisfy the needs of our target groups will be on-going.   Keeping in mind that none of our programmes stand alone, each works with supports and draws from other programmes to compliment its work.



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